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After lingering at the finger-post for a few minutes to see the stilts frisking away in the moonlight and the bearer of the drum toiling slowly after them, he blew a few notes upon the trumpet as a parting salute, and hastened with all speed to follow Mr Codlin.
The young gentleman twisted up his right stilt and patted him on the shoulder, and the young lady rattled her tambourine.
The kind of plover, which appears as if mounted on stilts (Himantopus nigricollis), is here common in flocks of considerable size.
I recollect," Becky continued pensively, "my father took me to see a show at Brookgreen Fair when I was a child, and when we came home, I made myself a pair of stilts and danced in the studio to the wonder of all the pupils.
The rises were topped by clumps of meagre trees, with their branches showing high on the sky as if they had been perched upon stilts.
He also found 'a great sense of relaxation' in the life of people living in the stilt houses because of their connection with natural surroundings - on the water and in the wetlands that extend for miles around Prek Toal.
51 black stilt, the worlds rarest wading bird, are being released at Mount Gerald station in the Mackenzie basin today.
The stilts were originally sold as a factory-built kit by Tractor Stilts Co.
Why not put their houses on stilts and have integral mooring spaces instead of garages?
The theme of Dog on Stilts is one which has been popular in children's literature from the first English editions of Aesop's Fables but it has seldom been approached with the inventive modernity offered by James Thorp's text and Angus McKinnon's illustrations.
The RSPB is proactively managing its wetlands for the arrival of birds such as Stilts and Baillon's Crakes, which are expected to occur here more frequently as a result of the changing climate.
Every Friday, around 40 youngsters go to Wallsend Memorial Hall to take part in weekly stilt walking classes.