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STIMSvenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå
STIMSmart Transducer Interface Module (from IEEE standard 1451.1)
STIMStar Trek Italia Magazine
STIMSecurity Through Interaction Modeling
STIMSociety to Increase Mobility
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The TEDS in the STIM contained a meta TEDS that describes the general information about the sensor, a channel TEDS that defines the individual channels, and a calibration TEDS that contains complete calibration data for each channel.
3 standard uses the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance's (HomePNA) specifications to connect the NCAP to its form of the STIM.
And while Prodigy tends to be tame and a bit boring, STIM is anything but.
Also, parents may want to keep an eye on younger kids exploring STIM.
STIM Chair Kjell-Ake Hamrenadded, said, Karsten is the ideal candidate for this job.
In February, STIM s previous permanent CEO, Kenth Muldin, had stepped down.
STIMS is also the repository of analysis and assessment documents that are linked to Sea Trial experimentation proposals and initiatives.