STMMSelf Tuning Memory Manager
STMMShort-Term Money Market
STMMSelf Tuning Memory Manager (database management)
STMMSouth Texas Money Management, Ltd. (San Antonio, TX)
STMMScience and Technology Ministers' Meeting
STMMShort-Term Motor Memory
STMMSpatio-Temporal Morphable Model
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1) Despite the magnitude of these activities, the quality of these STMMs and their impact on global health have not been well studied.
However, participation of pathologists as part of STMMs is limited and in many instances nonexistent.
More than half of the respondents indicated that the lack of appropriate facilities and equipment and the cost of setting up a laboratory are some of the major perceived obstacles for improving laboratory and pathology services during STMMs (Table 3).
This study draws attention to a need for improved pathology and laboratory support during STMMs.