STNMESabre Travel Network Middle East
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The ribbon cutting ceremony was followed by a presentation from STNME CEO, Daniel Naoumovitch, who officially announced the appointment of the new country manager for Qatar, Ghassan Abu Khalaf.
STNME also recently opened offices in Iraq and Palestine, and expanded its presence in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where its focus on training and customer service has helped the company grow its customer base.
STNME executives from Bahrain and the region attended the opening.
Gulf Air's partnership with Sabre and the success of our joint venture, STNME, have seen us work together to deliver solutions that make travel even more convenient to passengers.
The milestone was celebrated with employees and customers across the region, and at a reception held at Gulf Air headquarters attended by Sabre Vice President Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Dean Bibb, STNME CEO Daniel Naoumovitch, Gulf Air A/Chief Executive Officer Maher Al Musallam and Gulf Air Director of Information Technology, Dr.
STNME chief executive Daniel M Naoumovitch said the firm would work to deliver products and solutions that meet ITL World's diverse customer needs and support their business goals.
Daniel Naoumovitch, CEO, STNME, highlighting the importance of the Gulf Air -- STNME partnership said: "Gulf Air is one of our major airline affiliates in the region, and our renewed partnership reaffirms our commitment to the industry and our valued customers.
With our multi-channel distribution strategy, we are able to provide the most efficient, comprehensive, global and real-time electronic supermarket for the buying and selling of travel,' STNME chief executive officer Daniel Naoumovitch said.
Calling all developers and agencies in the Middle East to "take a look and get involved", STNME chief executive Daniel Naoumovitch said it is an important platform to feature and enable innovation in travel and tourism.
The two partners launched STNME as a collaboration in 2005 following a 30-year deal.
We are delighted that Al Tayyar Group, one of Saudi Arabia's largest and most reputed travel companies, has selected Sabre as its technology partner," STNME chief executive Daniel Naoumovitch said.
This agreement, which includes the future use of EMD* and improved connectivity, gives our agency customers greater choice and relevant content throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and global regions," said Daniel Naoumovitch, CEO of STNME.