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STOBARShort Take-Off But Assisted Recovery (aviation)
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First, as long as China remains focused on STOBAR carriers, how will it provide airborne early warning, given that such ships cannot launch fixed-wing AEW aircraft?
52) As long as China is limited to STOBAR carriers, its deck-aviation air and surface pictures will be restricted by time on station or radar horizon.
China's pursuit of two major AEW helicopter programs (the Z-8 and the Ka-31) simultaneously is further evidence that its first indigenous carrier will be a STOBAR design similar to ex-Varyag; (54) if moving straight to a carrier with catapults, China could save significant effort by importing Ka-31s from Russia.
But STOBAR carriers would likely be needed to provide sufficient AEW, given the lack of land-based options, and they would have to exist in sufficient numbers to ensure that other missions and refits could be accommodated.
MAJOR TYPES OF AIRCRAFT CARRIERS Typical Carrier Displacement (tons Type fully loaded) (a) Example Vessel Capability CATOBAR 80,000+ USS Nimitz STOBAR 67,500 Varyag STOVL 16,700 Principe de Asturias (Spain) VTOL/ 13,950 Hyuga (Japan) Amphibious Max T/O Weight Carrier Sample for Fixed-Wing Type Aircraft A/C (lbs) Capability CATOBAR F/A-18F, 100,000 (b) E-2C, C-2 STOBAR Su-33/J-15 ~62,000 (c) STOVL AV-8B, F-35B ~45,000 VTOL/ SH-60, ~40,000 Amphibious AW-101 helos Sources: U.
For takeoff and landing, China is likely to choose a STOBAR design.
A STOBAR design, for instance, limits aircraft takeoff weight and shifts the full burden of takeoff propulsion onto the aircraft, thus increasing the amount of fuel consumed at that stage.
Nonetheless, there is a reason for believing that the STOBAR option is not out of the running.
In the case of a STOBAR Typhoon, the considerations are a little different.
There is another reason why a STOBAR vessel employing the Typhoon might not be out of the question--commonality.
38) There are a number of pitfalls with an air capability employing just one type; still, the point is that a STOBAR Typhoon might offer a number of cost benefits that a government concerned with defence spending would be hard pressed to ignore.
would be small) of adopting a STOBAR Charles de Gaulle-class ship might outweigh this objection.