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STOLShort Take-Off & Landing
STOLSpacecraft Test and Operations Language
STOLSystem Test and Operations Language
STOLStudent Online
STOLSynthetic Theater of Learning
STOLSindicato de Trabajadores del Organismo Legislativo (Guatemala workers union)
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I also have a Robertson STOL kit for full-length flaperons, combined with both wing and horizontal stabilizer Micro Aerodynamics vortex generators.
It would not be cost effective to incorporate a STOL capability in a strategic airlift derivative aircraft.
The STOL kit reached its limit about the time I was starting to warn him about the cross control condition.
The C-130's payload is split into 10 packages of 2,000 pounds that are shipped to each of these bases by UAV STOLs.
The average STOL (or the difference between SEL and LAY) was -0.
Forty-three hours after the last platform was derigged, a STOL Air Force aircraft landed on a newly constructed ALZ--a credit to the detailed planning, preparation, and execution of the initial-entry force.
In moving our Air Force into the STOL and STOVL world for CAS, we will look for training efficiencies to be gained by working jointly with the Marine Corps on facility use and course development.
Mishler said that it might be possible to integrate thrust vectoring as a flight-critical system, versus its being simply an enhancement for STOL and high-alpha performance.
Powered lift might one day be used in large commercial STOL systems, says Mike Mossman, manager of C-17 advanced engineering.
We looked at what's available in the production Part 23 (CAR3) world for airplanes that are purposefully built for short takeoffs and landings, yet also have respectable cruise speeds--a tough combination, as serious STOL usually means snail-like cruise--to see how they stack up.
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