STRACStrategic Army Corps (US Army)
STRACStandards in Training Commission
STRACSouthwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (San Antonio, Texas trama care)
STRACSkilled Tough Ready around the Clock
STRACStrategic, Tough, Ready around the Clock
STRACSquad Tactical Reaction Course
STRACStanding Tall Right Around the Clock
STRACStrategic, Tactical and Ready for Action in Combat (soldier)
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The newly formed STRAC team's first demonstration was at a show in Danville, Va.
Close to the end of his enlistment, he was asked to reenlist to continue his career with the STRAC team.
Because it was difficult to obtain sufficient airlift assets, the decision was made to employ forces that were closer to the region rather than STRAC elements.
The absence of opposition during Operation Bluebat and the underlying dilemma of whether contingency forces should be supplied by USAREUR or STRAC in the United States were significant factors in the Lebanon operation.
STRAC oversees EMS/Trauma response in 22 counties throughout southwest Texas.
The satellite communications services provided via MSV are 'mission critical' to our organization's capability to communicate with hospitals and to coordinate with a myriad of emergency and public safety officials throughout our vast area of operational responsibility," said Eric Epley, executive director of STRAC.
We understand how satellite communications help STRAC and its various members stay in touch and serve the public," said Phil Clarke, director of Business Development for Mobile Satellite Ventures.
Top priorities that will help commanders in home station training are increasing mortar STRAC (standards in training commission) allocations to resource walk and shoots and increasing STRAC for our family of full-range mortar training rounds.
Our mortar STRAC recommendation will resource this strategy fully.
The DA Pamphlet 350-38 STRAC only allows the substitution of SRTRs for high-explosive rounds.
According to the STRAC authorization, for a four-gun 81mm mortar platoon, each gun is authorized 222 rounds of service ammunition (167 HE rounds, 30 WP rounds, and 25 illumination rounds), a total of 888.