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STRADStrategic Dissemination for ESSI (European Software and Systems Initiative)
STRADSpace Technology Research and Development (US NASA)
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MO25 [alpha]/[beta] interact with STRAD [alpha]/[beta] enhancing their ability to bind, activate and localize LKB1 in the cytoplasm.
LKB1 forms a heterotrimeric complex with STRAD and M025, which are required for its activation and cytosolic localization.
Designing STRAD systems according to the conventional guidelines for mixing ventilation systems may overpredict the supply flow rates.
Having said that, the idea for Tenderwire was in part generated by meeting a Russian guy in a Russian bar in New York who told me he used to mock up old violins to look like Strads and send them on the train to Italy to his agents.
The rare Strad and two bows belonging to top musician Min-Jin Kym have never been found.
The highly-regarded Strad magazine hailed a recent recital by the Elias String Quartet as "heaven-storming" - and there will be a chance to put such an achievement to the test when they hit the Hall Two stage at The Sage Gateshead next Wednesday as guests of the Newcastle Chamber Music Society.
The famous violin magazine The Strad has declared that Vaclav Dvorak has a big, attractive tone.
Almost as much as the idea of allowing his Strad to disappear down a bumpy conveyor belt and be assaulted by several tons of suitcases before being thrown into the belly of a plane, bent into a figure of eight and frozen.
Even worse, the pair oppose each other in heat two tonight, with five seeds in the field and Strad Black, going from three, coming off Swindon without a trial.
Dutch musician Andre Rieu plays a mean Strad dated 1667.
If one thing can be your PC, a Strad (Stradivarius violin) and TV at the same time, you can reduce the barriers to personal expression.
Andy Tomlinson 1333 Strad Avenue North Tonawanda, NY 14120 Phone: 716-693-2121, Fax: 716-693-9799