STRATStratospheric Tracers of Atmospheric Transport (also seen as STAT)
STRATStratocaster (Fender guitar)
STRATStratholme (gaming, World of Warcraft instance)
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According to Strat Aero, Geocurve has all the necessary Civil Aviation Authority Permissions to operate UAVs nationwide, and its pilots have accumulated more than 2,000 hours of commercial flight experience.
Greg Wells, a longtime APBA player, says "When I meet a Strat player I know I can talk to them about what they do with the game and I never consider that APBA is better.
Le Strat said other factors, such as the stoners' level of physical activity or diets, could have contributed to the results, but his team tried to rule out those factors.
Guitar Center finally offered $31,000 - plus a new $1,500 Strat to replace the guitar Moseley was selling.
Major leaguers like Phillies outfielder Doug Glanville are self-proclaimed Strat geeks.
When Thompson has that battered old Fender Strat around his neck, few can match his note- bending runs.
TONY Blair is a big fan of the Strat after he played it in his youth.
A total of 83 American teams were selected to play in the 2002 e-Strat Challenge, a virtual marketing game developed by L'Oreal, the world's leading beauty company and Strat X, experts in design and application of marketing and business strategy simulations.
The inspiration to buy a Strat came when he saw Stevie Winwood playing one.
Rushdy can show how all four neo-slave narratives engage in a dialogue with Black Power, a dialogue which focuses on the various strat egies available for the formation of political subjects and directed against neo-conservative tendencies of later critics of Black Power and of the Reagan era in general.
14 December 2015 - UK-based UAV technology company Strat Aero plc has entered into a share purchase agreement to acquire Aero Kinetics, a Texas based privately owned company, which specialises in the provision of advanced UAV technology solutions, the company said.