STRATStratospheric Tracers of Atmospheric Transport (also seen as STAT)
STRATStratocaster (Fender guitar)
STRATStratholme (gaming, World of Warcraft instance)
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CEO Strat Aero, Tony Dunleavy, said, "We are transforming Strat Aero into the first fully integrated global solutions provider focused on the rapidly growing UAV market.
Le Strat said other factors, such as the stoners' level of physical activity or diets, could have contributed to the results, but his team tried to rule out those factors.
Guitar Center finally offered $31,000 - plus a new $1,500 Strat to replace the guitar Moseley was selling.
Major leaguers like Phillies outfielder Doug Glanville are self-proclaimed Strat geeks.
The world record price for a guitar is pounds 316,880 - paid for Eric Clapton's 1956 Strat called Brownie.
Rushdy can show how all four neo-slave narratives engage in a dialogue with Black Power, a dialogue which focuses on the various strat egies available for the formation of political subjects and directed against neo-conservative tendencies of later critics of Black Power and of the Reagan era in general.
Barhale Plc has hired Strat Aero subsidiary Geocurve Holdings for work on a project for Anglian Water.
The ground-breaking offering is being brought to market by Strat Aero(Index: AIM / TIDM: AERO), an international aerospace services company focused on the provision of training solutions, management systems and consultancy services to the global aviation market, and AirFusion, a leader in airborne sensor data fusion software and analytics technology.
The musician, who has obviously spent more than a little time with music and voice teachers and just as plainly appears in tight control of his music's presentation, offered a lengthy demonstration of Stevie Ray Vaughan-style fretwork on his Fender Strat, earning further points by quoting the instrumental intro to the Rolling Stones' ``You Can't Always Get What You Want'' during his solo.
Ben spent pounds 1,000 on a Fender Strat after joining Hollyoaks.
Once there, they were be-bop happy and the Pick Up The Pieces anthem kept the momentum going, Onnie McIntyre playing the old Fender Strat to perfection.
Strat Aero PLC shares were trading higher, following it said its Geocurve Holdings Ltd testing and surveying arm has been observed that it is ready to bag a GBP1.