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STRATO has already reduced energy consumption by 30% per customer over the past 18 months through energy-efficient hardware, intelligent solutions in building services engineering and platform-optimised software.
The STRATO Web Shop set-up is made easy and can be achieved quickly with professional design templates, customisation tools and a Wizard assistant to guide users through the installation steps.
STRATO is based in Berlin and currently has two million domains and one million customer contracts.
BackupManager and BackupControl are available to customers with all the web hosting packages at STRATO.
STRATO PowerWeb - the complete service package for every level of user - from home and SOHO to Enterprises.
Chris's passion for groundbreaking science and technology that will improve people's lives will be very complementary to Stratos Group's goals.
The Stratos Card can immediately turn into any card when required, any time and anywhere.
Dietz and Connie Ballard, Stratos' client service manager, both left Edward Jones to join Stratos.
StratosMAX II now is providing reliable voice service, high-speed Internet connectivity, Stratos Hot Spot WiFi service and a wide range of mobile communications applications to oil rigs, platforms, offshore vessels and professionals managing the Gulf Oil Disaster containment and cleanup efforts.
Actually, Boller has no idea when Stratos started noticing her.
WSO2 previewed the latest release of WSO2 Stratos at WSO2Con 2013, which runs February 13-14 in London.
We are in production to deliver a groundbreaking card that will simplify consumers' lives," said Stratos CEO Thiago Olson.