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STRATUSStudies with Rimonabant and Tobacco Use
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The cloud supports on-demand services for large numbers of users, and its ability to do this rests with the availability of operations-critical infrastructure management software," said Denny Lane, Stratus director of product management.
Stratus also announced a next-generation version of its Stratus Intelligent Network Application Platform (SINAP) product family, which provides a full application development platform for software-based intelligent network (IN), IP, converged, mobile and wireless services.
On July 8, 2009, Stratus received a letter from NASDAQ advising Stratus that the Panel had granted Stratus' request for continued listing on NASDAQ subject to certain conditions.
This transaction benefits both parties exceptionally well," said David Laurello, Stratus Technologies president and CEO.
Stratus disclaims any obligation to update the forward-looking statements in the future.
Stratus offers a wide range of services to complement VMware services.
Stratus servers provide customers with five nines (99.
Stated Arthur Keigler, Vice President of Technology, NEXX Systems, "The Stratus was specifically designed to meet the process challenges and cost constraints of the advanced packaging industry.
Initially Stratus will supply four fault-tolerant Stratus(R) ftServer(R) 4600 systems with 99.
This requires a total commitment to a collaborative supply chain -- from customers like Stratus to Solectron to suppliers -- to synchronize the entire supply chain for competitive advantage.
Originally founded in 1980 as Stratus Computer, Inc.
Stratus Insurance specializes in homogeneous or association-base product liability insurance programs, or very unique classes or books of business.