STRBSchool Teachers' Review Body (Department for Education & Skills, UK)
STRBScience and Technology Research Building (University of California, Los Angeles)
STRBState Teachers Retirement Board (various locations)
STRBStudent's Training Record Book (Hong Kong)
STRBSpecial Trade Relations Bureau (Canada)
STRBSenior Technical Review Board (US Army)
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It is also vital that any pay increases arising from the recommendations of the STRB are fully funded by the government.
Dr Rice, who owns a home in Oxford as well as an apartment in London, is paid fees of PS350 a day in her role as chairwoman of the STRB.
Mr Clarke will by law have to accept it if the STRB rules it out again, but he has the backing of heads.
All appointments to the STRB are prime-ministerial appointments.
Ultimately it will be down to the STRB to make the decision.
That evidence is far more likely to influence both STRB and the Government than strike action.
The STRB will report early next year so any national strike ballots would take place after that.
He added: "I have considered the STRB recommendations care- fully and believe this settlement to be fair and reasonable.
The STRB, which recommends to Government howmuch teachers should be paid, suggested a 2.
NUT and UCAC were invited but choose not to take part as they could not agree to the remit of the group set down by the STRB.
The STRB published its recommendations yesterday for this year's pay round for about 440,000 teachers.
Kenneth Clark of the University of Manchester has been appointed as the economist member to the STRB for 3 years.