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STREPSpecific Targeted Research Project
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With CLIA waiver for the Alere i Strep A test, we can help link more people to early treatment by bringing rapid molecular diagnosis to even more settings where they seek health care," said Avi Pelossof, Global President of Infectious Disease at Alere.
Many European countries such as France and Germany, as well as Australia, Japan, Canada and America now routinely offer pregnant women a screening test at around 35 to 37 weeks to identify those who are carrying Group B Strep so they can be given antibiotics in labour which protects most babies from infection.
Last week, James was honoured when he was made a patron of Group B Strep Support, a charity which is calling for every pregnant woman to be informed about Group B Strep during routine antenatal care and offered the opportunity be tested for Group B Strep carriage in the latter stages of pregnancy.
We had a post-mortem and that's when we found out she had this Group B Strep infection.
a bit of computer data to tell if strep throat is circulating in your geographical region.
Patients are more likely to have strep if they have a fever, swollen lymph nodes, white spots on the tonsils or swollen tonsils and no cough.
To determine whether the advice is warranted, the UTMB researchers tried to grow group A Streptococcus (GAS), the bacteria that causes strep throat, on toothbrushes that had been exposed to the bacteria in a laboratory.
The doctor got back to her and told her it was probably scarlet fever, which is essentially strep with a rash.