STRICOMSimulation Training and Instrumentation Command
STRICOMSimulation, Training & Instrumentation Command (US Army)
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Special Operations Command, 1987-; REDCOM (Readiness Command), 1971-1987; STRICOM (Strike Command), 1962-1971; U.
In the estimation of the STRICOM commander, the Egyptian forces were deployed defensively, whereas the Israelis were deployed in rapid-strike offensive capability.
Under the auspices of his boss, Michael Andrews, deputy assistant secretary of the Army for research and technology, Macedonia brought STRICOM to LA after he realized that the commercial sector-in particular the film, computer and video-game industries-was outstripping the military in technological innovation.
STRICOM was restructured into a program executive office and now reports to the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, technology and logistics.
STRICOM is currently supporting a computer based war-game constructive simulation capability in over thirty countries worldwide, twenty within the European Command area of responsibility and eight Partnership for Peace members.
With this contract award, we will continue the integrated product team and partnership approach we've used successfully with STRICOM for over five years, working toward an architecture that is robust and flexible, and which is critical to force readiness," said Lockheed Martin Information Systems President John Hallal.
STRICOM has a test bed that is now being used to try out potential FCS training features.
LRK is located close to the US Army STRICOM and US Navy NAWCTSD.
Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM) under the STRICOM Omnibus Contract (STOC) program.
STRICOM was redesignated as Readiness Command (REDCOM) in 1971, and its responsibility for Africa was dissolved, leaving Sub-Saharan Africa out of the combatant command structure until 1983.