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STROBEStratosphere Troposphere Ozone Balance Experiment
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By meeting the NFPAs 20 millisecond flash duration requirements for strobes, customers can now mix xenon and LED devices in the same field of view.
Whether you shoot weddings, events, or portraits, the new MBX300 HS is a powerful, portable and very affordable companion, and just like the MBX500 HS, the MBX1000 HS, or the M-Pack1000 HS, this strobe allows you to sync flashlight to your camera at up to 1/8000th of a second.
In addition to an extended service life, the pure-white LED-based strobe lights boast significantly lower maintenance costs and energy consumption.
Strobe is the leading mainframe application performance measurement and analysis solution that has helped customers pinpoint application inefficiencies for more than four decades.
You can also activate the strobe when the light is on by holding down the Mode switch for about a second.
Dialight said its Vigilant beacons and strobes are the first product line to be fully tested and verified by Intertek ETL to the 2012 Transport Canada CAR 621 specification.
The product will be available with a complete five-year limited warranty on all FlashGuardtm XR Series Strobe Systems and Lighting Kits.
The strobe eyewear disrupts vision by only allowing the user to see glimpses of the world.
Our mobile development experience focuses on using SproutCore and Strobe technologies to deliver both native and HTML5 web applications to any mobile platform including iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.
Understanding and controlling strobe lighting; a guide for digital photographers.
LIFEPATH is the only patented, wireless, battery operated, strobe light and sound emergency Exit Marking safety technology that works in combination with any new or existing home alarm.
They wrote: "The lights were bright and flashing in a very high speed manner - faster than any aeroplane strobe lights and much brighter and larger.