STRPShort Term Research Project
STRPSea Turtle Restoration Project
STRPSolving the Relationship Puzzle
STRPScientific and Technical Review Panel
STRPSeptic Tank Replacement Program (Florida)
STRPShort Tandem Repeat Polymorphism
STRPSoftware Transition Plan
STRPStaff Tuition Reimbursement Program
STRPState and Tribal Response Program (US EPA)
STRPStructured RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan; Standard Life Canada)
STRPSpecific Targeted Research Program
STRPShort Tandem Repeat Polymorphic Marker
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STRP Phase one is estimated to cost $650 million, based on a conceptual design, and individual projects will be developed only after analysis shows their financial viability.
extent, the STRP and other committees already spend time doing this.
306) The STRP at the time of writing includes 17 members: a
In 1999, STRP left Earth Island to become independent.
8 Such policies were recommended in: Transit Priority Traffic Control Systems: European Experience, STRP Report 9-1 (Toronto: Canadian Urban Transit Association, 1994).
2002a, b) recently reviewed the studies on interethnic admixture in Mexico, providing new estimates of the accumulated proportion of parental groups using D1S80, HLA-DQA1, and 13 STRPs for the northeastern region of that country.
We are asking both the federal government and the state of Texas to take a bold step in protecting this public resource," said STRP Director Todd Steiner.
To answer this question, STRP and the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) conducted a joint undercover operation.
Aquilino's ruling -- based on the US Endangered Species Act (ESA) and requiring all wild-caught shrimp sold in the US to be harvested using TEDs -- had precisely the effect that STRP and co-plaintiffs Humane Society of the US, Sierra Club and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals predicted: Many nations chose to use TEDs rather than lose access to the valuable US market.
63 per share in AT/T stock, implies a premium of 204% to the closing price of STRP common stock of USD 31.