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STRUMStandard Technical Report Using Modules
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Strum next examines sugar production and consumption.
This will be one of my toughest fights because I know I can win against Macklin only when I am on top form," Strum said yesterday.
However, in most cases the female began again to strum the sheet as the male approached her, inducing him to stop and resume courtship.
Lori Strum served on the Region III Best of NAMA Committee whose responsibility was to plan and execute a banquet to celebrate the best work in the region, Strum personally was responsible for the fundraising for the event and raised over $11,000.
While most obits in the Gray Lady's files do not date back 15 years, Editor Strum says the collection of ready-to-go profiles is extensive, and changes often.
Because of its clientele, and due to its unique not-for-profit status, TIAA-CREF had more room for the development of new product ideas, said Strum.
Strum speculates that 15%-33% of individuals who suffer severe TBI will demonstrate storming, a poor prognostic indicator (Boeve et al.
There was more to John Lennon than being able to badly strum a B Minor on an acoustic guitar.
NEWPORT - Every morning on her way to work at the Canyon Way Bookstore & Restaurant and every night on her way home, Carol Van Strum drives over the bridge where the teddy bears sit in her memory now as they did for weeks after the children's bodies were found in the water below.
Elta is a division of Israel Aircraft Industries ([A]) (Tel Aviv, Israel), Israel's Antitrust Authority director general Dror Strum refused to approve the agreement, on the grounds of possible damage to competition in the electronic-warfare market.
The trick resides in "creating a culture which encourages growth and development from both sides," explains Peter Strum, CMA, FCMA, an Ottawa-based management consultant and president of spdGlobal.
and made it understand the science," says Shirley Strum Kenney, current president of SUNY, Stony Brook.