STSCSoftware Technology Support Center (US Air Force)
STSCSkin-to-Skin Contact (postpartum medicine)
STSCSustainable Tourism Stewardship Council
STSCSystems and Software Consortium (various organizations)
STSCStudent and Schools System
STSCScience and Technology Select Committee (UK)
STSCScientific Time-Sharing Corporation
STSCStation-to-Station Connectivity
STSCShort-Term Suspension Center (Louisiana)
STSCScience and Technology in Service to the Community
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In 1994, the STSC placed the issue of space debris on its regular agenda, recognizing the need to conduct research and investigate the dangers posed by debris and its effect on the environment.
With these additional proposals, the Chair of the Working Group circulated an updated set of draft guidelines in October 2014 for the intersessional consideration of Member States before the February 2015 meeting of COPUOS STSC (A/AC.
The STSC also discusses about the possible funding sources, GAVI support, cold-chain capacity, and sources of other support in introducing the vaccine.
Brigadier Engineer Hussain Ahmad Al Harthi, Director of Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, said the STSC will work with weather sensors to receive reports from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).
Very sophisticated statistical program with graphics, meets most user needs; $695; STSC, 2115 E.
Throughout our long due diligence process, State Street demonstrated an impressive focus and commitment to meeting its customers' business and technology needs," said Dave Barnard, executive director of the STSC.
Prior to Blackboard, Kabbani held executive positions at UK based Telecommunications giant Cable & Wireless, at STSC (now Manugistics) and Martin Marietta.
Named to that role in 1995, he was responsible for creating and managing STSC, which provides centralized accounting, finance, payroll, employee benefits and related functions.
Tenders are invited for Architectural and Engineering Consultancy services for Construction of Ekalabya Model Residential School Building for STSC Development Department,Odisha.
Malone was previously assistant vice president and leader - North American Shared Transaction Services Center (STSC) since February 1995, where he was responsible for managing the North American STSC, which provides centralized accounting, finance, payroll and employee benefits for The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation and its operating units.
Before IDE, Baudouin served in Europe in senior management positions at ROLM Mil-Spec Computers and STSC, a time-sharing company.
Prior to his career with Oracle, Barbaree held various sales and management positions with high-technology companies, including Computer Corporation of America, STSC Inc.