STSEScience-Technology-Society-Environment (science education approach)
STSEScience, Technology, Society, and Environment Education
STSESeeds of Texas Seed Exchange (College Station, TX)
STSESplit Thickness Skin Excision (wound treatment)
STSEScience Talent Search Examination
STSESubacute Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (brain disease)
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It is important to note that besides the online simulation there was also an activity that required participants to check the electricity receipt; this activity, although in line with the STSE goals, did not required digital literacy.
STSE subject was highly valued by the father who examined the electricity receipt with his daughter easily and with confidence.
75) This overview and analysis of STSE explains how current policies for innovation and investment of biofuels must incorporate better stewardship for environmental and land use practices.
The STSE solutions factor competing uses of natural resources as a measure.
The effect of the STSE approach was measured in terms of academic achievement, environmental self-efficacy and sociocultural perspectives associated with the environment.
Pedretti's (1996) action research created the STSE model or the STS model with an E.
In this study, the relation between the severity of STSE and the proximity of the culprit lesion along the infarct-related RCA was investigated in patients with AIMI.
The AIMI was defined as the presence of persistent chest pain of ischemic nature (at least 30 minutes) accompanied by STSE of at least 1 mm in at least 2 of the inferior derivations (D2, D3, aVF) and presence of at least twofold increase in creatine kinase (CK)-MB level compared to normal baseline value.
OTCBB:GTEC), the first and only US-based Trust Member of the Shanghai Technology Stock (Property Rights) Exchange (STSE), announced today that it will bring Jacobson Resonance Enterprises (OTCBB:JRSE), a leader in the development of magnetic resonance technology and products, to the STSE.
As such, we believe the Company is a perfect fit for the STSE.
As the first and only Trust Member of the STSE within the United States, Genesis can literally introduce any US-company with innovative technology - irrespective of industry or specialty niche - into China and earn it preferential treatment and consideration.
STSE is a technology transfer exchange sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Government with independent corporate qualifications.