STTFSeverance Tax Trust Fund (various states)
STTFSevern Trent Trust Fund (est. 1997; UK)
STTFState Traffic Task Force (Australia)
STTFSoftware Technology Transfer Finland
STTFSave the Twin Towers Foundation (New York)
STTFSmall Town Task Force (EPA)
STTFSwiss Table Tennis Federation
STTFSpecial Tank Task Force
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In this report, we present novel data regarding the functionality and predictive performance of GARD, generated in a blind study performed in association with the CE STTF.
For example, STTF assists them by providing food packages, school uniforms, eco-friendly light bulbs, and other important materials and funds to satisfy their basic needs.
Under law, up to 7% of STTF revenues may be so transferred, although revenues may additionally be transferred to cover debt service of up to $275 million per year, up from $200 million pursuant to a new law that may become effective July 1, 2005, pending gubernatorial approval or veto.
Restructuring of the FDOT STTF loan in the context of a comprehensive finance plan will be essential in advance of the loan maturing and the issuance of debt.
The taxes are then transferred, limited to the lesser of $200 million or 7% of the total STTF revenues, into the right-of-way acquisition and bridge construction fund to pay debt service.