STTVSmack Talk TV
STTVSee-Through Turret Visualization (image processing technology)
STTVStraits Times (newspaper) Television (Singapore)
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13) Por falta de datos, STTV se promedia para el periodo 1988-1992.
The two companies first demonstrated STTV last October at the Association of the U.
STTV uses an on-board computer to blend video images from eight cameras into a seamless panoramic view of the surrounding area.
STTV can give every soldier in a vehicle the ability to see what lies ahead and behind, providing the same view of the outside environment, allowing a coordinated response to threats.
STTV had therefore deemed it best that the sweets no longer be sold individually, reported the Finnish news agency STT, quoting the Finnish provincial newspaper Pohjalainen.
As an example, Animalia has mentioned a mosquito repellant, which STTV required to be tested to find out how toxic it was despite the fact that the product had already been approved for the Swedish and United Kingdom markets.