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STUSecure Telephone Unit
STUSt. Thomas University (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
STUSet Top Unit
STUSHDSL (Single-Line High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber) Transceiver Unit
STUSlovak Technical University
STUSocietà di Trasformazione Urbana (Italian: Urban Transformation Company)
STUStuart Petroleum Limited (Adelaide, Australia; stock symbol)
STUSpecial Teams Unit
STUSecure Terminal Unit
STUShort Ton Unit
STUSingapore Teachers Union
STUSensor Transmitter Unit
STUSecure Telecommunication Unit
STUSystems Test Unit
STUSled Test Unit
STUScience, Technology, and Utilization
STUSkin Test Unit
STUStratum Traceability Unknown (Sprint)
STUSociété Internationale d'Urologie (French)
STUSync Traceability Unidentified
STUSpecial Topics Update
STUShock Treatment Unit (medical)
STUSignal Transmission Unit
STUSubscriber Terminal Unit (data over cable)
STUStuttgart Stock Exchange (Germany)
STUSt. Thomas University (Miami, Florida)
STUShort Term Update
STUSecurity Technology Unit
STUSturgeons (FAO fish species code)
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His friend, Joe Mills, leading tributes in the service, described how Stu performed a word perfect rendition of Puff Daddy and Faith Evans' hit I'll Be Missing You, as part of his Tynedale first team induction - despite being begged to stop by his teammates.
Each week we aim to stu to the brim a food parcel for each vulnerable woman who visits our regular drop in.
It is important to have 'away time' from cricket too and for me that will be with design stu.
The school said Stu is designed to complement its computer focus and stressed robots were not replacing teachers.
John Sprackland, performing arts programme manager at Southport Arts Centre, said: "For folk fans of, shall we say, a certain maturity - among which I count myself - Bob Fox and Stu Luckley are as fondly remembered as any duo I can think of.
Somewhere between cabbage roll four and five, Stu announces that he has unilaterally come up with an idea to better introduce "neurotypical" high school students to their counterparts with intellectual disabilities.
Stu is well-liked but more importantly, well-respected among fans, our TV partners and those around the league for his insights and experience.
In the opening semi Droopys Electric went off the 11-10 favourite, but fears that he might not clear Disco Stu to the bend proved well-founded.
That's where the three-piece, led of course by Stu on piano and vocals, have just begun a residency which will see them in town on the last Tuesday of each month.
On top of it all she feels like she is being punished for her behavior, for not protecting Amy and Stu from the nasty comments of her new friends, and for taking her mother's van without permission.
I especially wanted Stu to flesh out that rigged election thing for me and see if he could provide proof that the school board was all secular humanists so I could show my neighbors, but I had already wasted two hours on a Saturday morning when I could have been home with the kids, so I took my leave.
Coach Stu Vetter knows how to win--wherever he roams