STUAStaatliches Umweltamt
STUAScottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology (UK)
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Possible future Stuas developments include the addition of a magnetic anomaly detector to find submarines.
When STUAS comes online, it will not replace ScanEagle.
Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) awarded the STUAS program to Insitu for its Integrator UAS in July 2010 to provide persistent maritime and land-based tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data collection and dissemination capabilities.
The Integrator system delivery at Twentynine Palms, just less than a year-and-a-half post-contract award, is a reflection of our commitment to STUAS and our commitment to the U.
I'm looking forward to fielding the capabilities of STUAS to our forward deployed forces," said Capt.
This is yet another critical enabling technology demonstrated in support of our STUAS (small tactical unmanned aircraft system)/Tier II effort," said Vice President of Emerging Programs Bill Clark.
announced today that the Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS) Integrator completed its first Operational Assessment (OA-1), a critical milestone in the STUAS program execution.
Capt J R Brown, STUAS program manager, credits the latest delay to taking extra vigilance with taxpayer dollars.
Our highly dedicated team showed that it can leverage our commercially available model of the Integrator UAS to meet the STUAS schedule," said Insitu Vice President of Programs and STUAS Program Manager Bill Clark.
With Fury 1500 we will help ensure that the Warfighter has the benefit of a Multi-INT, long-duration, and runway-independent asset as soon as possible," said John Purvis, Vice President of STUAS for AME.
John is an experienced executive who knows how to develop and deliver complex ISR and IEW systems to our defense customers, and he will bring that experience to the fielding of our successful STUAS line - including the Fury(TM) UAS.
KillerBee is designed to provide the Navy and Marine Corps with a UAS for their respective STUAS and Tier II missions, which require UAS launch and recovery aboard a ship.