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STUBSoftware Technik Und Beratung (German: Software Engineering and Consulting)
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Now, they surely must chew up those old stubs, and dry and sell them for smoking-tobacco.
They manage the murder part of it all right, and then stub their toes on the body problem.
Although poplars had been brought from Europe to ornament the grounds, and willows and other trees were gradually springing up nigh the dwelling, yet many a pile of snow betrayed the presence of the stump of a pine; and even, in one or two instances, unsightly remnants of trees that had been partly destroyed by fire were seen rearing their black, glistening columns twenty or thirty feet above the pure white of the snow, These, which in the language of the country are termed stubs, abounded in the open fields adjacent to the village, and were accompanied, occasionally, by the ruin of a pine or a hemlock that had been stripped of its bark, and which waved in melancholy grandeur its naked limbs to the blast, a skeleton of its former glory.
They argued at length, figuring out the odds with the aid of stubs of pencils and the backs of envelopes, but they were not confident.
His hands emerged, clutching a great mass of stubs, check-books, and broker's receipts.
Daylight pointed at the heap of receipts and stubs on the table.
By miracle he may," replied the swain; "What other way I see not; for we here Live on tough roots and stubs, to thirst inured More than the camel, and to drink go far-- Men to much misery and hardship born.
Skidder jumped and strewed the floor with cigarette stubs at the rap on his door.
Ay, my tonguey gentleman, I have seen father and mother and three children, yourself for one, published on the logs and stubs of the settlements, with dollars enough for reward to have made an honest man rich, for--"
The high cost in the supply and installation of conventional and large shot-blasting chambers for cleaning the stubs on anode rods prompted MetalTech Gulf to develop this new stub cleaning technology in close cooperation with a local Gulf smelter.
5GHz and faster, via stubs begin to have a noticeable impact on the insertion and return loss of a PCB.
Safi Airways has come up with a straight forward transparent rewards program where the passenger can cash in his/her original boarding card stubs for tickets.