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don't make me too sick with any yer stuff,--my stomach is a leetle riled now;" and Tom drank half a glass of raw brandy.
So then I judged that all that stuff was only just one of Tom Sawyer's lies.
I fancy I recollect some stuff being poured in between my teeth; and that is all.
Leaning forward, he touched the farther end of the strip of brown stuff that she was hemming.
I fancy, that reading is not merely a pastime when it is apparently the merest pastime, but that a certain measure of mind-stuff is used up in it, and that if you are using up all the mind stuff you have, much or little, in some other way, you do not read because you have not the mind-stuff for it.
He was amazed at the immense amount of printed stuff that was dead.
I realize that it's all a great foolishness, all this highbrow stuff about navigation.
Drink yer stuff an' git out an' don' make no trouble.
When they persisted in buying the stuff and thrusting it upon me, why, I would drink it.
I will never confess that I could not see the stuff.
I remember," said he, "when I first took to the business, there was a great deal of low stuff that did very well to make folks laugh; but was never calculated to improve the morals of young people, which certainly ought to be principally aimed at in every puppet-show: for why may not good and instructive lessons be conveyed this way, as well as any other?
The stuff the niggers feed you on Pullmans don't count.