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STVStraight to Video
STVSubscription Television
STVStar Trek: Voyager
STVStranglethorn Vale (World of Warcraft computer game)
STVStichting Tegen Vrouwenhandel (Dutch Foundation Against Trafficking in Women)
STVStudent Television
STVStored Value (prepaid debit cards)
STVSmall Target Visibility (roadway lighting method)
STVSprint Telecommunications Venture (Sprint, Cox Cable, Comcast)
STVSapporo Television Broadcasting Co.
STVSpace Transfer Vehicle
STVSega Titan Video (game system)
STVSyrian Television
STVSubmarine Telepresence Vehicle
STVStructural Test Vehicle
STVSingle Track Vehicle (most motorcycles)
STVSurveillance Television
STVStandard Test Vehicle
STVSurface Transport Vehicle
STVSubmarine Target Vessel
STVSteerable Television Set
STVSystem Thermal Vacuum
STVSequential Test Vector
STVSprint Total View
STVScottish Television
STVSeeker Test Van (mobile field system that evaluates infrared missile guidance and control units; Eglin AFB FL, USA)
STVSingle Transferable Vote
STVSamanyolu TV (Turkey)
STVSatellite Television
STVSporting Toulon Var (French footbal club)
STVShare the Vision (various organizations)
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About STV: Founded more than 100 years ago, STV is a leader in providing engineering, planning, architectural, environmental, and construction management services for transportation systems, infrastructure, buildings, energy, and other facilities.
The Electoral Reform Society, naturally keen to show how STV would have produced a 'fairer' or more proportional result, commissioned a post-election survey asking voters how they would have ranked the party candidates in their constituencies, had they been able to.
The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTE[pounds sterling]K), which has been criticized for acting as a tool of the government, had earlier issued STV with a hefty fine for its broadcast from Soma, where a mine disaster claimed the lives of 301 people in May.
Richard Foster, Managing Director of GroupM Entertainment: "This is another success from our long-standing partnership with STV, and the first time we've partnered with TV3 on a show.
Inform the consumer, three days before the expiry of the validity period of STV, through SMS, the due date of renewal, the charges for renewal, the terms and conditions of renewal, the toll free short code for deactivation of STV.
tv, home to the STV Player and comprehensive news, sport and entertainment services.
There remains very serious doubts over the safety of the conviction, but the STV film apparently chose to focus on the controversial and highly disputed claims of the senior investigators.
The new owner of Pearl - subject to the approval of STV shareholders - will be Irish businessman Thomas Anderson, who owns Empire Cinemas.
The firm - which has been attempting to settle the row for more than a year - said STV was also wrongly attempting to claim a rebate against "written-off " shows which were never transmitted.
STV operates through several divisions, representing individual agencies: Shini (a wide range of Chinese built ancillary equipment); Virginio Nastri (Italian conveyors); Babyplast (Italian table-top injection moulding machines); Apex (Taiwanese three-axis robots); and STV itself which operates as a secondhand machinery brokerage.
ANGRY football fans were left in the dark last night after STV pulled the plug on live coverage of England's World Cup qualifier.
If STV is introduced as part of a coalition deal at the Assembly, Labour will have to get used to working with other parties at council level too.