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STWSchool To Work
STWSpread the Word
STWSevern Trent Water (England)
STWSewage Treatment Works
STWShogun Total War (gaming)
STWSearch the Web (newsgroup slang, similar to RTFM)
STWStandards of Training and Watchkeeping
STWShare the Wealth
STWSave the Whales
STWShallow Tube Well (irrigation)
STWSet To Work
STWSurface Transverse Wave
STWServo Track Writer
STWShooting Times Westerner
STWSpeed Through the Water
STWSheer to Waist
StWStormwind (gaming)
StWSamsung Techwin Co, Ltd (Korea)
STWSee Through Walls (US Army)
STWStrike Warfare Commander
STWSex Trade Worker
STWShimura-Taniyama-Weil conjecture (mathematics)
STWScrewTurn Wiki (ScrewTurn Software)
STWSir Terry Wogan
STWScientific and Technical Writing (various universities)
STWSway the Way (band)
STWSubject to Weather
STWSingle Track World (Mountain Bike Magazine & Forum)
STWSearch the Wiki
STWStar Trek Welcommittee
STWSpecialist Training Wing
STWSurveillance and Threat Warning
STWSpread to Worst
STWSet Top Wonder (ATI video card)
STWSONAR Trainer Workstation
STWScotland the What? (comedy trio)
STWSales to Wholesalers (Beer Industry)
STWShear Transverse Wave (frequency resonance)
STWSpecial Test Weight
STWStanley Warner Corporation (stock symbol)
STWSpam the Web
STWShot the Wiz (musician)
STWStiffness to Weight (factor or index; bicycle frames)
STWStation Wagon
STWStraight to Work (various organizations)
STWSave the World
StWStorm the Walls (band)
STWStavropol (Russia)
STWShock the World
STWStrike Warfare
STWShort Term Work
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As an independent solutions provider, STW utilizes proven technologies, from various well-known manufacturers, including Salttech, a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology that is economically feasible to use.
STW 5 was kindly provided by Steigerwald Arzneimittelwerk GmbH (Darmstadt, Germany) in the form of ethanol-free lyophilisates.
Among others, the existing regulations of STW have been extended to give companies financial incentives to retain their workforce during the recession (see Bogedan, 2010).
In this respect, Hyflux is a natural fit as our partner as its proprietary inorganic hollow fibre membrane concept is based on delivering costeffectiveness while maintaining the typical compactness of polymeric hollow fibre membranes," said Dr Eppo Bruins, Director of STW.
As noted, this study assesses the effects of Head Start participation and demonstrated academic ability during elementary school on STW program participation.
To varying degrees, STW has been implemented in all 50 states, and its defining features have been absorbed in the comprehensive education reform programs currently underway at the state level.
STW Resources will be implementing proprietary technologies that will take brackish and/or produced water and will process the otherwise unusable water to fresh water status.
Further, Pell Frischman has been selected as main civil engineering designer for the STW.
Conclusion: Our data suggest that the pro-apoptotic effect of STW 5 on HT-29 cells is involving multiple targets and is possibly due to an activation of the caspase cascade via mitochondrial destabilization.
The number of authorized STW hours increased from 13 million in 2005 to 270 million in 2009.
In response STW has adopted many of the recommendations of the Egan and Latham reports, and has made significant changes to contract forms and documentation, developed specific tools and processes to manage risk, and embarked on an inclusive training programme to educate staff, consultants and contractors.
The report, published by the Institute on Education and the Economy (IEE) at Teachers College, Columbia University, School-to-Work: Making a Difference in Education, finds that many studies show participation in STW supports academic achievement in ways that include reducing the dropout rate and increasing college enrollment.