STXMScanning Transmission X-Ray Microscope
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DoE contract DE-FG02-89ER60858 and NSF grant DBI-9605045 for the development of the X-1A STXM, and NSF grant ECS-9510499 for zone plate development.
STXM has obtained expertise in offshore provide vessels and offshore patrol vessels.
In the continuous modernization procedure that STXM is performing, the choice of FORAN is the main aspect, as a 3D CAD/CAM device for the style and manufacturing of any type of boat.
This paper presents results for the application of TEM, AFM and STXM to the imaging of in-reactor TPOs, PP/EPR blends and injection molded TPO/CPO/paint cross sections.
2 [micro]m for STXM and observed directly without further preparation.
STXM provides photoelectron spectra of materials and images with about 50 nm spatial resolution, which are created from these transmission spectra (6).
The morphologies observed in the TEM, AFM and STXM were quite similar.
The thickness of the adhesion promoter/TPO interface was measured with respect to the interdiffusion of the CPO and TPO by STXM.
Cryo STXM I can quantitatively map a sample's elemental and chemical constituents.
Lot asked: design and production of assemblies and details for a synchrotron microscope scanning: STXM Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope.