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STYEShort Term Youth Exchange (Australia)
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Soak a clean cloth in very warm water and press against the stye.
A Styes are painful, swollen inflammations of the eyelash follicle caused by an infection, so it's important to avoid touching the affected eye too much as you may spread the infection to your other eye.
Repeated styes can be due to diabetes so get the doctor to check your urine.
In the stye of Dionne Warwick, she here revisits 20 of her finest tunes with a cast of folk luminaries including Dick Gaughan, Richard Thompson and Nic Jones.
I'm called a hypochondriac But I know I'm bloody ill I've got a yellow stye on my eye And I'm developing a chill The doctor said conjunctivitis Well let me look and see What did you have for breakfast It looks like scrambled egg to me Being a hypochondriac I've worried all my life I've got gall stones and erogenous zones I caught them off the wife But this week a miracle came my way And they don't happen every day DSS Mann Island said: "Yer fit now Bob We've signed you off, go get a job" Can't see two miracles happening in one week, can you?
The track, lifted from his Last Night album, comes in a sheaf of mixes from Crookers, Seamus Haji, Holy Ghost, Popof, Stye of Eye and Eric Prydz.
A A STYE is a bacterial infection in a lash follicle.
All I want is for my back to go again, sciatica to strike my left leg and to develop a stye in the eye.
Nevertheless her paintings here are not without interest, not least in the archaisms, latent in her stye, which the National residency has brought out.
Texts cost 25p each plus one standard network rate message DOWN: 1 Cone 2 Abet 3 Amateur 4 Artery 5 Panic 6 Rile 7 Know 8 Mimic 10 Knead 16 Ale 18 Tom 20 Arm 22 Gas 24 Sceptic 25 Cease 26 Eraser 28 Sadly 30 Tunic 32 Stye 33 Keel 34 Fact 35 Airy.
If there's an infection, such as a stye, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointment or eye drops.
A stye is a harmless infection which forms at the base of an eyelash or inside the eyelid.