STZSerum-Treated Zymosan
STZSouth Tropical Zone (astronomy)
STZSalt Tolerance Zinc Finger (genetics)
STZSpin Transition Zone (Earth's lower mantle)
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A downgrade could also occur if Grupo Modelo (Modelo) unexpectedly terminates the Crown Imports JV and STZ fails to materially reduce debt during the three year termination period.
The objective of the present investigation is mainly to evaluate the anti-diabetic activity of embelin in HFD + STZ induced diabetic rat model and compared with pioglitazone, a derivative of thiazolidinediones and, a new generation anti-diabetic drug clinically used in the management of diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes).
The aim of the present study was to investigate the protective effects of crocin against memory deficit and cerebral oxidative stress induced by ICV injection of STZ.
STZ has a history of large debt-financed acquisitions.
After dividing the rats into three treatment groups the animals were treated with STZ or vehicle for five days, left for seven days and then intubated with 4HO-Ile (50 mg/kg/day) or saline vehicle daily for a further four weeks.
Sections of pancreases were exposed to H&E stain to show the islet shape 35 days after the starting of STZ and BE treatment.
STZ determined there were some inventory reporting issues at its Australian subsidiary.
Stormwater channel construction approximately 50 m DN 200 STZ in an open design.
In brief, diabetes mellitus was introduced by a single intraperitoneal dose (55 mg/kg) of STZ dissolved in citrate buffer (pH 4.
STZ has an excellent track record of integrating such acquisitions.
We infer, therefore, that STSM has a direct effect on the retinal capillary of posterior ocular region and suppresses neovascularization of retinal capillary in STZ diabetic rats through the activation of tetrandrine.
A possible introduction of PDMS in the SEZ project in time and comparatively detached from the project in the STZ.