STZSerum-Treated Zymosan
STZSouth Tropical Zone (astronomy)
STZSalt Tolerance Zinc Finger (genetics)
STZSpin Transition Zone (Earth's lower mantle)
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Sources in Sialkot Chamber told on Sunday, the concept of setting up of STZ was to ensure pollution-free atmosphere to the people.
Farkli hayvan tAA'AA'rlerinde alloksan ve STZ'nin doz araliklari Tur Alloksan Doz Araligi STZ Doz Araligi Sican 30-65 mg/kg i.
After 5 days of STZ treatment there was no change in blood glucose, however starting after 10 days there was a continuous increase over a period of 35 days.
Body weights were determined gravimetrically, food and water intakes were recorded at 2 days and 2 wk following STZ or vehicle injection (saline), respectively.
STZ accounted for its current 50% interest in Crown under the equity method and recognized $215 million of equity earnings in Crown in fiscal 2012.
The concept of setting up the STZ was to address environmental issues and to ensure pollutionfree atmosphere to people.
After 30 days treatment with different doses of lycopus extract, glomerular hypertrophy and mesangial matrix accumulation induced by STZ were inhibited compared with that of STZ model group (Fig.
The increased lipid profiles in HFD + STZ diabetic rats were also reduced by embelin treatment significantly.
Additionally, Fitch has assigned a 'BB+' rating to the $600 million 6% notes due 2022 recently issued by STZ.
A possible introduction of PDMS in the SEZ project in time and comparatively detached from the project in the STZ.