SUAGMSistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez (Spanish: Ana G. Mendez University System)
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Support for delay-sensitive applications such as VoIP over Wi-Fi and streaming video were key requirements for the Wi-Fi network as SUAGM looks to deploy Wi-Fi phones to IT staff and mobile video conferencing systems for teachers.
Another major problem SUAGM faced when evaluating wireless systems was the inability to fairly allocate bandwidth across a mix of newer 802.
In its testing SUAGM discovered that with a mix of fast and slow clients on the network, many of the systems throttled down device speeds to 802.
11n build out, SUAGM is deploying hundreds of ZoneFlex 7962 indoor and ZoneFlex 7762 outdoor dual-band access points (APs) to provide full indoor and outdoor wireless coverage throughout three large main campuses including the Universidad del Turabo, the Universidad del Este and the Universidad Metropolitana.
The previous SUAGM Wi-Fi network required expensive controllers at every site.