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SUAISpecialty Underwriters' Alliance Inc. (Chicago, IL)
SUAIState University of Aerospace Instrumentation (Russia)
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The documents mention ravages of Suai, Fohoterin, Follafaik, Fatulete, and Leteluli in these years, but not Luca, so it may possibly have submitted voluntarily.
For example, a dispute resolution in the local manner after violence between two groups of youths in Suai who requested that the case be dropped was rejected by the judge on the basis that violence by martial arts gangs had important implications for public security and needed to be tried by the State (JSMP Justice Update, November 2005).
He cites as an example an anniversary remembrance of the killing of the priests in Suai, which was followed immediately by the burning of the U.
Rut this gap was filled by hiring a commercial vessel and then by relying on a French Navy ship to put New Zealand troops ashore at Suai, so the mission was accomplished in the end.
One of the submarines was detected shadowing the deployment of New Zealand troops to Suai.
Rees-Jones, the only survivor of Princess Diana's death crash, has been posted to Suai, a hot-spot town on the frontier with West Timor.
Production from the field, about 500km north-west of Darwin and 250 km south of Suai in East Timor, will bring revenues to Australia and East Timor under the Timor Gap treaty.
The photo shows a plantation in Mae Suai in northern Thailand.
I was given a set of photos picturing the tortures and murders of villagers near Suai in the Kovalima district approximately 90 km southeast of the capital of Dili.
Fides, the Vatican's missionary news service, said that about 100 people, including three priests, were murdered when a militia gang launched a grenade attack on a church at Suai.
Watching the sun rise over the oil town of Suai, I was approached by a man who, without looking at me, held a furtive conversation, ending with "Shananaa .
It should also be noted that, in addition to Eastern and Western Penan, there are several small communities of long-settled Penan in Sarawak: Penan Suai, Penan Jelalong, Penan Nyivung, and others.