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SUAISpecialty Underwriters' Alliance Inc. (Chicago, IL)
SUAIState University of Aerospace Instrumentation (Russia)
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SUAI strikingly undiversified in lines of business - workers' compensation and commercial automobile accounted for 78% of 2008 gross premium written -- Expense ratio significantly higher than industry average for each of the past four years -- Fronting relationships with "A" rated insurance companies leave very little economics left over for SUAI shareholders after fees are paid -- Operating challenges exacerbated by governance issues which have allowed the board to act against the best interests of shareholders.
The 32-year-old Welshman has been posted to Suai, a hot-spot on the dangerous West Timorfrontier.
Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, 32, has become deputy head of security for the United Nations in Suai.
A range of Indonesian military equipment -- including standard-issue military fatigues with a shirt bearing the special forces patch -- was found near the attack site, located close to the border town of Suai, the Herald reported.
Belo estimated that as many as 1,000 people had been killed in the violence in the southwestern town of Suai.
The three are the Suai Supply Base, the Betano Refinery, and the Beaco LNG Plant.
Gregory Peters to the SUAI Board at the annual meeting of stockholders scheduled to take place on May 5, 2009.
The alleged violations occurred during a series of attacks against pro-independence East Timorese in the towns of Liquica, Dili and Suai between April and September of 1999, during which more than 100 people were killed and hundreds more injured.
Although Hudson (1970) collected a Kantuk wordlist from a speaker from Kampung Sagin on the Suai River, Upper Kapuas, more than 800 km.
The clash happened near the town of Suai, 10 miles from the border with West Timor.
I didn't mention Dewanto because, as he told me, he had only just arrived to help out in the parish and hadn't even reported his move to Suai to the bishop.
The UN said they were investigating reports that 100 people were slaughtered around a church in Suai, 60 miles south of Dili.