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SUASSpecial Use Airspace (US Air Force)
SUASSmall Unmanned Aircraft Systems
SUASSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
SUASShut Up and Skate
SUASSouthwest Underwater Archaeology Society
SUASSouthampton University Air Squadron (RAF)
SUASStudent Union Advisory Service (Australia)
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Da-Jiang Innovation (DJI) Technology Company's Phantom 4 is an example of a SUAS available for purchase over the Internet.
Besides offering multi-mission payload capabilities and benchmark-setting reliability, the Aerosonde SUAS has a longstanding reputation for outstanding endurance and performance in extremely challenging conditions.
This philosophy continues with the addition of SUAS to our business portfolio with operators being tutored to very high standards and the strict adherence to Civil Aviation Authority regulations.
Most SUAS are only one incident away from never flying again," Imel said.
7 SUAS is cost effective, has a small footprint, and is flexible enough for launch and recovery from shipboard or small clearings.
7 SUAS has a streamlined, expeditionary footprint that requires a minimum crew and amount of equipment overall.
Among likely tasks for Aerosonde SUAS is hurricane investigation, a proven capability and mission profile the aircraft has flown on numerous occasions.
Textron Systems highly reliable and multi-mission capable Aerosonde SUAS has amassed more than 130,000 flight hours in commercial and military operations around the world.
He will discuss the superior value that systems like the Aerosonde SUAS can deliver in the oil and gas domain, as well as other key critical infrastructure monitoring and protection applications.
The SUAS could be equipped with a wide range of photographic and video equipment, to give close visual access to sites.
Offers recommendations for future RTUs to effectively employ sUASs as part of the combined arms effort.