SUAVStrategic Unmanned Air Vehicle (UK)
SUAVSmall Unit Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
SUAVStudy of Unmanned Air Vehicles
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The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF-IFAS) Citrus Research and Education Center is experimenting with a six-band camera mounted on an SUAV for research on citrus disease and stress detection using high-resolution, low-altitude, multi-band aerial imaging.
The brigade commander's TUAV will transmit imagery to other platforms on the FCS network, and the SUAV will be an organic component of the FCS.
Our infantry brothers now have their own air force in the form of the Raven, a hand-launched SUAV (small unmanned aerial vehicle).
Other presentations include "Army SUAV Programs/Requirements" (TSM UAVs); "Navy/USMC SUAV Programs" (MCWL, invited); "USAF SUAV Initiatives" (AFRL); and "Future Combat System of Systems (FCSS, invited)".
Our demonstrated experience coupled with reliable SUAV technology and services will continue to protect and serve the Canadian Forces.
The Raven SUAV allowed the ground tactical commander to have situational awareness of adjacent alleyways and visibility of the village's roof tops, to facilitate the safe movement of ground forces.
Strategic intelligence, dealing with longer-term issues such as troop movements, industrial output, or weapons testing, falls within the purview of the SUAV.
Strategic intelligence - addressing such longer-term issues as troop movements, industrial output or weapons testing - falls within the purview of the SUAV.
AV is the world's largest supplier of SUAV systems and electric vehicle fast charge systems.
The Raven (RQ-11A), a manpackable SUAV used by the U.
AV is the world's largest supplier of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SUAV) systems; Raven, Dragon Eye, Pointer and Swift SUAV systems are used extensively by the Department of Defense and increasingly by other U.