SUBASE(Naval) Submarine Base
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LS3 Sherry Wu and LS3 Charles Woodworth send out and receive the inventories for each shop, accounting for every piece of hazardous material on SUBASE.
Between Postal, HAZMAT and the LSR division, integrated services and support are provided to the boats on the waterfront, the SUBASE tenant commands and other satellite sites in the Northeast by NAVSUP FLC Norfolk, Site New London.
The outgrant provides Georgia Power access to 258 acres of land at SUBASE Kings Bay for the development of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to deliver energy to the state's electric grid.
We are excited to partner with Georgia Power to develop a large cost-effective renewable energy project that will enhance the Navy's energy security and operational capability," said Captain James Jenks, SUBASE Kings Bay commanding officer.
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His staff assignments have included tours as a Management Analyst on CINCPACFLT DET 420 staff, Supply Officer at SUBASE DET 220, Command Evaluator at REDCOM 22, Operations Officer on the CINCPACFLT Cost Management Team, and Deputy Commander for Fleet Support, Naval Supply Systems Command.
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At SUBASE, the home of the Navy's submarine school, among other sub-related commands, a new set of street signs is allowing parents to answer their children's street name queries quickly and with no undue stress on the brain.
native is currently assigned to SUBASE Bangor's Security Det.
As a member of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Team, I am one of the people who works on constructing and maintaining the shore facilities at SUBASE New London, Groton, Conn.