SUBEBState Universal Basic Education Board (Nigeria)
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How often do public primary schools make use of SUBEB library for reading skills development activities?
What reading promotion programmes are organised in SUBEB library/LRCs?
The SUBEB school library programme has major objectives of developing in users, good reading skills and encourage long term learning habits through listening, reading, and viewing a wide variety of learning resource materials; supporting and enriching the school curricula; developing the innate creativity of our pupils and; equipping teachers and pupils with modern information technology (Obanya, 2001)
Research question 1: How adequate are SUBEB reading promotion activities in developing the reading skills of primary school pupils in Oyo state?
9%) attested to the inadequacy of SUBEB library reading promotion activities in the promotion of the reading skills of the pupils.
Table 2: Pupils' opinion on adequacy of SUBEB library reading promotion activities?
assessing the relevance and adequacy of SUBEB library resources, services and infrastructural facilities to the needs of pupils and teachers in the school.
determine the frequency of utilization of SUBEB libraries by library users.
identifying the challenges constraining the users in making effective use of SUBEB libraries/LRCs
There are a total of 83 Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) and 3 SUBEB model libraries spread across the three states that were chosen for the study (UBEC Bulletin, Nov.
The stratified random sampling technique was adopted in classifying the SUBEB learning resource centre/libraries based on their location; whether they are located within the capital city or outside the capital city.
Table 1 presented respondents view on the availability and accessibility of learning resources in the SUBEB library/LRCs.