SUBPSubtract Real and Pop
SUBPSistem Za Upravljanje Bazama Podataka (Bosnian: Database Management System)
SUBPSistemi Za Upravljanje Baz Podatkov (Slovenian: Database Management System)
SUBPSmall & Underutilized Business Program (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
SUBPSupplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan (insurance; Canada)
SUBPSustav Upravljanja Bazom Podataka (Database Management System)
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Since we used a nonparametric statistic based on rank, TP, CB, SUTP, and SUBP values are presented as medians [+ or -] inter-quartile ranges (m.
1]), caused a potentially significant decrease in SUBP rates (pulses/min) during T2 (2.
NMDA and D-serine, in the presence of AMPA/kainate, increased TP and SUTP rates, and also potentially decreased RP and SUBP rates.
r, median [+ or -] inter-quartile range; mGluR, metabotropic receptor; NMDA, N-methyl-D-aspartate; NMDAR, NMDA receptor; P/CB, average number of pulses per contraction burst; PLP, pre-locomotor pulse; pT, pre-treatment period; RP, rhythmic potential; SUBP, small, uncorrelated body pulse; SUTP, small, uncorrelated tentacle pulse; T1, treatment period 1; T2, treatment period 2; TP, tentacle pulse.
Let NEGP, SUBP, and OTHP be the percentages [3] of ATAX that are assessed as penalty for negligence, substantial understatement of taxes, and other remaining reasons, respectively.
Define ATAXMAX = ATAXPEN / (1 + NEGP) to be the ATAX that would result if SUBP is not assessed and OTHP is negligible and ATAXMIN ATAXPEN / (1 + NEGP + SUBP) to be the ATAX that would result if both NEGP and SUBP are assessed and OTHP is negligible.
In the case of (A3), as ATAX [less than or equal to] ATAXMAX, there must be ATAX [less than or equal to] max (5000, RTAX / 9), hence, SUBP would not be assessed.