SUBPSmall & Underutilized Business Program (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
SUBPSistemi Za Upravljanje Baz Podatkov
SUBPSupplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan (insurance; Canada)
SUBPSustav Upravljanja Bazom Podataka (Database Management System)
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SUBP goals are set on contracts based on project scope, subcontracting opportunities, and availability of qualified MBEs/WBEs.
These provisions explain the City of Minneapolis Small and Underutilized Business Enterprise Program (SUBP) requirements applicable to this contract, the process the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) will follow to evaluate bidders efforts to obtain SUBP participation, the standards MDCR will use to measure compliance with these requirements, and the sanctions that may result from noncompliance with these requirements.
Implants hip / knee first intention and revision and spinal impalnturi - SUBP.