SUBPACSubmarine Forces, Pacific
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NAVSEASYSCOM 0117482Z JUL 04 (NOTAL) and SUBPAC 070754Z JUL 04 (NOTAL) are the messages to reference for direction of removal from service.
This was followed up with COMNAVSYSCOM 291618ZAPR02 (NOTAL) that recommended SUBLANT and SUBPAC collect the extra suits and disperse them to ships in need of air-fed suits in good repair.
As a result, COMSUBPAC 211504Z NOV 02 (NOTAL) advises the following action for all SUBPAC submarines: "Unless specifically approved by NAVSEA 05L (During overhaul or DMP), remove all temporary bilge lighting.
All SUBPAC afloat units whose shore phone connections require direct contact with telephone terminals are required to follow the appropriate safety precautions in NSTM 300 for working on energized equipment.
Commander, Submarine Force Pacific SUBPAC 151514Z NOV 01 (NOTAL) refers to the bilge lighting problem and states there is no approved ShipAlt for such lighting.