SUBSATSubmarine Supply Assistance Team
SUBSATSubsea Slow-Scan Acoustic Television
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As the Single Point Of Entry (SPOE) for the submarine Pacific Fleet, and tasked with direct customer support for all assigned and visiting units, the role of the SUBSAT is multifaceted.
To ensure that Pacific Fleet submarines can meet the challenges of forward-deployed operations, SUBSAT functions as a Material Processing Center (MPC) processing on average 2,500 unique receipts and shipments of Issue Priority Group II/III material.
SUBSAT is the single-point of entry for submarine material requirements, depot level reparable (DLR) retrograde processing, fuel and lube oil requirements, hazardous material (HAZMAT) support, material receipt, and service contract administration for submarines in the Pacific Northwest," explained NAVSUP FLC Puget Sound SUBSAT Officer, Lt.