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SUBSTAircraft Subsystem Status Product
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Variable SUBST captures the role of non debt tax shields for the firms operating near tax exhaustion.
sepium, commonly termed Chinese silk vine and also, in pinyin, xiangjiapi or gangliupi, has been implicated in two Canadian cases as likely having been subst ituted for eleuthero/'Siberian ginseng': one case was associated with neonatallmaternal androgenization, and the other with interference with digoxin assay, producing apparently elevated digoxin levels (D.
But they still must clear the subst antial hurdle of having the brain interpret those electrical impulses into an image.
The book could have offered a more subst antial analysis had Claussen either narrowed its focus or accepted fewer essays, providing each author with a sufficient number of pages to more fully develop her or his argument.
Several of these respondents, the DOT noted, were small-framed minority women who said they drank a lot of water at work, which might have triggered a false reading that a sample submitted to the lab for testing had been subst ituted.
Ellison's novel lets neither politics (a belief in historical perfectibility, or at least progress) nor morals (a belief in the permanent reality of good and evil) subst itute for the other, but insists on an understanding of the world which includes both.
We denote by Subst the set of idempotent substitutions.