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SUBSTAircraft Subsystem Status Product
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SUBST is an indicator variable which equals one if the company identifies itself in Best's Insurance Reports as writing high risk or "substandard" drivers, and zero otherwise.
5 billion) Simulation Number (Percentage Changes) (1) (2) (3) (4) Model Assumptions Capital Stock Fixed Quantity Fix Rent Labour Fixed Wage Fix Wage Lab-Cap Subst.
Then eight minutes later Hernandez put subst itute Roberto Soldado through in a one-on-one with Ivankov and he made no mistake.
POSTAL entrants can, at the time of entry, to choose two subst i tute horses.
The value of supplementary orders is 476 130 PLN net (50% of the contract subst.
Harlequins winger Tom Williams had bit into a fake blood capsule, so he could be subst ituted, al lowing the team to bring on a specialist kicker.
Collectively as a team even the subst i tutes made massive contributions tonight.
subst Nellis, Nicholson, Yardley, Bowman, Quitongo.