SUBTAStand up Bottle Take away (robotics)
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Motion Controls Robotics' Robotic SUBTA system is easy to use since it is portable and rolls away from the molding machine to allow for mold changes.
The success of our system is due in large part to the tooling of our SUBTA systems being interchangeable.
The Robotic SUBTA also provides labor savings of up to two people per shift and the automated machine helps to reduce labor costs.
The Robotic SUBTA system is also flexible and precise since it handles any mold configuration (single or double row) and provides quick changeover using quick change tooling.
The Robotic SUBTA uses straightforward tooling, eliminating the need for multiple hoses that can develop leaks or become damaged.
Ease of changeover is one of our biggest selling points that we've heard from customers on the SUBTA system," said Scott Lang, President, Motion Controls Robotics, Inc.
SUBTA System Options include single or double row models and custom end of arm tools for unique bottles.