SUCASuncoast Utility Contractors Association (Zephyrhills, FL)
SUCASouthampton University Conservative Association (UK)
SUCAState Unemployment Compensation Act
SUCASafety and Usability Concerns in Aeronautics (workshop)
SUCAStudents United for Child Advocacy (Syracuse University; New York)
SUCAService Users and Carers Alliance (UK)
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En cumplimiento a uno de los ejes del Plan Estatal de Desarrollo que considera un mejoramiento de las politicas y operatividad del transporte publico, no solo con la actualizacion de las normas vigentes, sino tambien un impulso al servicio digno y seguro, el SUCA no se limita a un simple canje de latas, toda vez que tiene implicito todo un proceso que conlleva diversos factores.
Since SUCA was not meant to be an organization but a movement, little attention was paid to action as against building branches.
SUCA started to pay close attention to influx control, pass laws, to the problem of squatters, etc.
During the 1983 national congress, the tension reached a crescendo as SUCA declared apartheid a heresy and formally decided on direct action to challenge apartheid.
SUCA participated actively in discussions and debates that followed the release of the Kairos document, as well as in both national and regional Kairos committees.
SUCA realized the need to take the struggle right into the churches.
People often cite two sucas (sections or chapters) in particular as forming the justification for the practice.