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SUCCEEDSoutheastern University and College Coalition for Engineering Education
SUCCEEDSurrey University Centre for Commonwealth and European Education and Development (United Kingdom)
SUCCEEDSchool University Community Coalition for Excellence in Education (various locations)
SUCCEEDStimulating Understanding of Computational Science Through Collaboration, Exploration, Experiment, and Discovery
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The Flower Queen's daughter was delighted to see him safe and sound, and when they were dancing together she whispered in his ear: 'If you succeed again to-morrow, wait for me with the foal in the meadow.
This was unanswerable; but still I clung to the belief that he might succeed in accomplishing the other part of my plan; and at last I overcame his scruples, and he agreed to make the attempt.
I did not succeed, and it was night before I got started on my return.
You can lead men, I am sure, and there is no reason why you should not succeed at anything you set your hand to, just as you have succeeded with grammar.
But it is possible that your influence may succeed with her again, as it has succeeded already.
Also, to succeed at the writing game, I found I had to unlearn about everything the teachers and professors of literature of the high school and university had taught me.
We can understand how the spreading of the dominant forms of life, which are those that oftenest vary, will in the long run tend to people the world with allied, but modified, descendants; and these will generally succeed in taking the places of those groups of species which are their inferiors in the struggle for existence.
It seemed, therefore, not unlikely that such a person should succeed with a lady of so saint-like a disposition, and whose inclinations were no otherwise engaged than to the marriage state in general; but why the doctor, who certainly had no great friendship for his brother, should for his sake think of making so ill a return to the hospitality of Allworthy, is a matter not so easy to be accounted for.
I know there are many enterprises upon which one does not succeed the first time.
I saw how the fine form of man was degraded and wasted; I beheld the corruption of death succeed to the blooming cheek of life; I saw how the worm inherited the wonders of the eye and brain.
My draught of passion hath been deep-- I revell'd, and I now would sleep And after drunkenness of soul Succeeds the glories of the bowl An idle longing night and day To dream my very life away.
But for her sake I hope that Tario succeeds not so well with her as he has with me.