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SUCCIStudent Union of Confederation College Inc. (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)
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But Cavani and substitute Succi took advantage as Inter relaxed after the break.
D'Aunno, Succi, & Alexander, 2000), a focal hospital's age was measured as the number of years since the founding of the hospital.
Erasmus echoes Seneca, more than fourteen centuries later, under the heading 'Ratio colligendi exempla' of his De Dvplici Copia Verborum (1528; STC 10472): 'Itaque studiosus ille velut apicula diligens, per omnes au[c]torum hortos volitabit, flosculis omnibus adsultabit, vndique succi non nihil colligens, quod in suum de ferat aluearium' (sig.
Nec vero facie bona tantum ornate sunt femine sed crinibus, quos tantopere Homerus in Helena et multis aliis laudat, sed pecrore, sed femore, sed toto denique corpore, si procere, si candide, si succi plene sint, si proportio membrorum assit," (My translation is adapted from Lorch's translation and the Latin text she provides.
Osgood, Succi, and Tannenbaum (1957) speak to this issue and simply want people to interpret the meaning in their own way.
In 1664, De Graaf published his work, De Succi Pancreatici Natura et Usu Exercitatio Anatomica Medica, which discussed his work on pancreatic juices, saliva, and bile.
Ten adjective pairs were organized in a semantic differential five-point format (Osgood, Succi, & Tannenbaum, 1957) after the leading phrase, "As a friend I am .
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