SUDAMSuperintendência de Desenvolvimento da Amazônia (Portuguese: Superintendency for the Development of Amazonia; Brazil)
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5 million one-time gain due to abolition of interest expenses on SUDAM (Superintendence for the Development of the Amazon) financing that occurred in September 2007.
Projects located within the Amazon region are eligible for an income tax incentive by SUDAM (Amazon Development Superintendence) that provides for a 75% reduction in the regular corporate income tax (25%) for a 10-year period.
Tenders are invited for Pay & Park Scheme at PAN-DURANG BUDHKAR MARG (SOUTH SIDE) in G/SOUTH Ward Pay & Park Scheme at HIND CYCLE ROAD in G/SOUTH Wan Pay & Park Scheme at SUDAM KALU AHIRE MARG FROM MUNC.