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SUDANStudents United for Darfur Awareness Now (University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC)
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When South Sudan became independence in July, 2011, the Russian Federation was one of the countries that recognized the independence of South Sudan with pride knowing quiet well what the Soviet Union did to the SPLM/A in terms of military support in the 1980s.
4 Key Investment Opportunities in Sudan Oil and Gas Industry to 2020
Benjamin briefed the ambassador on South Sudan's position following the announcements made by the President Omar el Bashir of Sudan that he will stop the flow of South Sudan's oil through his territory on allegations that the Republic of South Sudan is supoorting rebels fighting in the two Sudanese states of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile.
policy on Sudan aims to achieve an end to conflict and gross human rights abuses and to ensure that Sudan does not harbor international terrorists.
Moreover, with South Sudan encompassing most of the countries' oil fields, while Sudan retains control over the major pipelines needed to export that resource, the governments have been stuck in a deadlock over the distribution of the costs and profits of oil production.
Ban urged South Sudan to withdraw its forces immediately.
China is a Sudan's important customer and investor in oil since it owns a stake in two pipelines running through Sudan.
The Government of South Sudan has limited capacity to deter crime or provide security to travelers outside of the capital city of Juba.
Comparing the humanitarian crisis in Darfur to the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide, Los Angeles officials announced plans Wednesday to halt investments with firms doing business with Sudan.
including the University of California, Brown, Amherst, and Princeton, are choosing to divest from companies with ties to Sudan.
JANUARY 2005 saw the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of Sudan and the South Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) after 22 years of civil war.