SUDENESuperintendência de Desenvolvimento do Nordeste
SUDENESuperintendencia do Desenvolvimiento do Nordeste
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The United States and Brazil had very different views on the roles to be played by USAID and SUDENE, the number of Americans needed to staff USAID and the purpose of the development program.
By the end of 1962 USAID policy was to bypass SUDENE and work directly with favored state governments.
SUDENE wanted long term projects designed to change the social and economic structures that retarded development and impoverished the people.
Goulart's response was defensive, including a denial that Furtado was a Communist, but said he was a poor executive and would be out of SUDENE in January" according to Assistant Secretary of State for Inter American Affairs Edwin Martin.
He may have been so flabbergasted by the outrageous American request to terminate the services of the man who had created and directed SUDENE since its inauguration that he agreed to the proposal just to avoid giving offense to the brother of President Kennedy who would soon receive a Brazilian delegation requesting urgently needed economic assistance.
49) The manifesto did not mention SUDENE or the Northeast Development Master Plan.
This document and the subsequent creation of SUDENE followed the major drought of 1958 in the region.