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SUDSSingle-Use Diagnostic System (Murex rapid HIV test)
SUDSStop Underage Drinking and Sales
SUDSSudden USB Death Syndrome (personal data assistants)
SUDSSheffield University Drama Society
SUDSSurface Duct Sonar
SUDSStudents Understanding Diversity
SUDSSite Unique Data System (Air Traffic Control)
SUDSSecurity UserID Definition System
SUDSSudden Unexpected Death Syndrome
SUDSSustainable Urban Drainage Systems (civil engineering)
SUDSSubjective Units of Distress Scale (anxiety level rating)
SUDSShaw University Divinity School (North Carolina)
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This approach is guided by three principles: drug use can be prevented by using evidence-based programs; SUDs are a disease of the brain that can be prevented and treated; and, with the right care, people can and do recover.
Clinicians should carefully monitor adolescents on stimulants who have SUDs because of the potential for abuse, Dr.
A spokesman for the Environment Department (Defra) said: "We have consulted on a proposal which we believe means we could introduce Suds quicker and provide better flood protection to people sooner.
Review the existing SUDS strategy for the Masterplan area.
A potential barrier to effective services is that consumers who are diagnosed or may meet diagnostic criteria for SUDS are not being identified by VR counselors.
The SuDS Water Management Summit will discuss challenges and concerns involved with SuDS by bringing together the different groups actively involved in their design and implementation.
Here we are focusing only on SUDs--which is somewhat problematic in itself, in that AHP admits that the databases it relied on are not specific for SUDs.
Between 2006 and 2010, Suds of Russellville took out four loans with Signature Bank.
By the time adolescents do require treatment for SUDS, they are well on their way through the developmental stages during which risk emerges.
Suds, which covers Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, is one part of the Welsh Assembly Government's Substance Misuse Action plan fund.
The only complaint was that perfume which didn't wash out with the suds.
The former point-to-point trainer and groom, who looked after National Hunt hero Desert Orchid in his retirement, says she is delighted with the way Suds - a car valeting and washing business - is going since it opened.