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Alliance has safely reprocessed more than 11 million SUDs, saving hospitals and surgery centers in excess of $125 million.
Discussion on recent flood events has highlighted preventative policies that can be pursued, such as a more considered approach to development on the flood plain and the location of new housing; but there has been little or no mention of the role that SUDS can play.
Although SUDs ratings were assessed throughout treatment, pre- and post-treatment ratings were taken during the second and last sessions, when the client was exposed to the entire hierarchy.
Say, for example, you're studying how long the suds of a given detergent will last.
Target: Suds Up Car Wash and Shine Time Express Car Wash
The ability to manage water in the built environment with SuDS allows landscape architects and engineers to design much more experimental and multifunctional urban and green spaces.
Ah yes, scented casting a music playing, wine and a to read suds.
Soap Suds Row: The Bold Lives of Army Laundresses, 1802-1876 tells the story of military laundresses who aided the U.
Our region is leading the way, with some businesses and local authorities showing an enlightened approach by introducing sustainable drainage systems - known as SuDS - on their sites and into their new developments.
In doing so, the NPRM takes a step forward, toward enhancing the provision of holistic services for individuals with SUDS and balancing important security with privacy concerns.
com)-- Dry Hopped Productions, LLC announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $250,000 to fund the production and distribution of SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over, a documentary sequel to 2012's SUDS COUNTY, USA.
I had begun to ask the question because I had been growing tired of friends and neighbors asking me questions that clearly conveyed their impression that treating SUDs is a waste of time.