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SUEDService Universitaire d'Enseignement à Distance (French: University Department of Distance Education; various locations; also seen as SUEAD)
SUEDState University of Education Deans
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In a word, I avoided a contract; but told him I would go into the north, that he should know where to write to me by the consequence of the business I had entrusted with him; that I would give him a sufficient pledge of my respect for him, for I would leave almost all I had in the world in his hands; and I would thus far give him my word, that as soon as he had sued out a divorce from his first wife, he would send me an account of it, I would come up to London, and that then we would talk seriously of the matter.
Lurid indications of the better marriages she might have made, shone athwart the awful gloom of her composure, and fitfully revealed the cherub as a little monster unaccountably favoured by Heaven, who had possessed himself of a blessing for which many of his superiors had sued and contended in vain.
To recollect the purpose for which he lived, and to remember that his enemy was his wife's own father--the man who had cast him into prison, and who, when his daughter and her child sued at his feet for mercy, had spurned them from his door.
Law firm, Kronish Lieb Weiner & Hellman, LLP sued fashion house, Tahari, Ltd.
The ACLU sued the city in the early 1990s over a curfew that prohibited sleeping on the streets.
Every year, roughly one out of seven doctors gets sued, and if you're in a high-risk specialty, your odds are particularly grim.
Immunity laws will not protect schools from being sued for violation of federal laws including civil rights regulations, Title IX, which regulates gender issues, the disabilities act and constitutional amendments such as freedom of speech, he notes.
told Newsweek that he had recently, cancelled an annual charity softball tournament because an injured player had sued the city of Page for $100,000.
Aetna sued the state of Texas to prevent the THCLA from taking effect.
The employer and trustees of an ERISA plan sued an accountant who helped prepare a proposal to fund benefits under the plan.
The knowledge requirement is usually taken care of by the plaintiff's helpful solicitor, who sends an ever-so-polite letter to the bookseller or news dealer advising him to remove the offending publication from his wares or he will have his pants sued off.
ETOILE LIMOUSINES: The car firm, its bosses - including Nils Siegel, left - and insurers face being sued by all parties over the death crash