SUEPSociety for Urban Environmental Protection (est. 1998; Bangladesh)
SUEPSino United Electronic Publishing (China)
SUEPSichuan Urban Environment Project (China)
SUEPSurface Uniform Etching Process (circuit technology)
SUEPSportello Unico Edilizia Privata (Italian: One-Stop-Shop Private Building)
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He noted that Sanjiu also is developing ultracapacitor-based power conditioning systems to enhance the reliability of electric utility infrastructure through its affiliation with SUEP, which operates a significant portion of the utility grid in Shanghai.
The Daily Star said SUEP general secretary Akhtar Hossain Babu urged the government to require all CNG vehicles to feature a regenerating catalytic trap (CRT) to help filter emissions, as well as ensure that all CNG converted engines comply with government emissions standards.
Richard Balanson, Maxwell's President and Chief Executive Officer, said that while Maxwell also is targeting the Chinese market with its own BOOSTCAP(R) ultracapacitor products, the alliance with SUEP is expected to accelerate large cell ultracapacitor products' penetration of that large and rapidly growing market and generate significant sales of Maxwell's proprietary electrode material.